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This is Lesson 2 of CWN's creative writing syllabus for teaching fiction. Click here to go back to Lesson 1. The reading assignments for this writing syllabus all come from the book A Relative Stranger by Charles Baxter Creative writing syllabus - Lesson 2: Character development (continued). CREATIVE WRITING: PROSE SYLLABUS Everyone has a story to tell. In this course you will learn fiction techniques to capture the myriad of stories that arise from your life and your imagination. Writing is an unexpected adventure. Be prepared to journey to far off lands and inside yourself as. Adham Mahmoud Intro to Creative Writing Tues & Thurs pm – pm Intro to Creative Writing Syllabus “Poetry, I feel, is a tyrannical vanganthsq.cf've got .

Syllabus - Beginning Creative Writing

In other words, we will study the main genres of creative writing to prepare you for upper level creative writing courses in fiction, creative nonfiction, creative writing syllabus, and poetry. After we go over the genre characteristics and you have read several examples, you will have the opportunity to write an example of that genre.

So--you will write a piece of creative nonfiction, a piece of fiction, and two or three poems, creative writing syllabus. The syllabus is a "contract" between teacher and student. As such, creative writing syllabus, it outlines what you can expect from me, as well as what I expect from you.

Please make certain that you have completely read and understand the syllabus, and have asked me if you need clarification creative writing syllabus any point. Student Learning Outcomes. All creative writing syllabus these are more fully explained below. Grading: Though judging creative writing is at least to some degree a subjective process, we will endeavor to make the grading as objective as possible. Your grade will be based on a total of 1, creative writing syllabus, possible points.

The individual components are as follows:. You will need to turn in a one-page report on the event. You may turn in your report at any time up until the last regular class period, creative writing syllabus. Examples of outside writing events include attending a reading sponsored by Loch Norse each final Friday of the month at the Bowtie Cafe, a reading by a visiting writer, or the creative writing panel at the annual meeting English Department Creative writing syllabus, which occurs in April of each year.

As I learn about opportunities, I will make announcements in class. The separate attendance policy is clearly outlined above. It is possible to fail the class simply from creative writing syllabus absences. In-Class Writing and Exercises points : Failure to turn in in-class exercises will lower your score.

Class exercises for classes you creative writing syllabus will not be possible to make up. The value of each in-class writing exercise will vary, depending on how many we do during the semester. I would anticipate each one being worth at 10 - 15 points of the total. For the workshop critiques, the grade will be based on the quality of the critiques you are handing in, as well as your spoken input during the workshop.

I look here for insightful and valuable criticism that goes beyond a simple reaction to the work. Attendance can affect this grade as well. Final Chapbook and Reading points : This is the heart of the class, creative writing syllabus. At the final regular class of the semester, you will turn in a chapbook containing poetry, a creative non-fiction essay, and a short story, all of these revised from early drafts discussed in the workshops.

Failure to turn in your portfolio at all will obviously result in 0 points and failure of the course. Grading of the portfolio will be based primarily on the creative writing syllabus of the final revisions against the previous version, but I will also be looking at adherence to proper manuscript form. I want to note that I will not be comparing your work to the work of anyone else in the class.

I'm looking for the improvement you personally have made from the draft you turned in to the workshop to the final product, as well as seeing you integrate skills and knowledge gleaned from the material presented to you. Reading, though, is an important part of our course. Our course motto will be "The more you read, the more you will write, creative writing syllabus.

The better the stuff you read, the better the stuff you will write" Annie Dillard. Our reading will differ from reading in other English courses: you will creative writing syllabus asked to read as a writer, creative writing syllabus, learning from successful writers the craft of creative writing, creative writing syllabus.

It is okay to make mistakes. I'd rather creative writing syllabus took risks with your writing than played it safe. Should you e-mail me, I typically will respond creative writing syllabus one working day of receiving the message and often sooner.

If you do not receive a reply from me, assume that for some reason I did not receive the message and send it again. I would suggest you obtain the phone number or e-mail address of a few other students in the class so that you can check with them on what was missed during any class that you're unable to attend.

In addition, I also post lessons plans on the web, creative writing syllabus, though they won't give you the full lecture, the handouts, nor any discussion that might have taken place or any side-trail we might have followed from questions asked… I will be posting the syllabus and other necessary information on Blackboard bookmark it in your browser! This means that after 15 absences you will have automatically failed the class. In addition, I expect your full participation in the class when you are there, or that will also affect your grade.

What is participation? I expect that each student will engage in our workshop discussions, as well as any additional lecture material. I much prefer not to call on people and force them to respond creative writing syllabus that is not class participation, creative writing syllabus. In-class assignments and quizzes are not able to be made up. For the attendance policy, I make no distinction between excused and unexcused absences. If you are aware that there are issues that will prevent you from regularly attending this class, then I strongly suggest that you reconsider taking this class, creative writing syllabus, since poor attendance will severely affect your grade.

Lateness and leaving class early will be considered partial absences, creative writing syllabus. Please arrive on time and stay for the entire period. If you must leave early, please let me know before class begins.

Surfing the internet on your laptop or doing work unrelated to this course during class will also be considered an absence. More on Participation : I actively encourage students to ask questions during the lecture portion of class and to start discussion of any point that is raised. Please don't simply sit there and take notes -- be an active part of your education! And again, we will be workshopping our work during class, and thus it's essential that your input be given on others students' work.

It's important to your own work that you get diverse viewpoints and opinions, and your learning depends on creative writing syllabus engagement. Expect to speak every time we gather, but also remember that participation also involves creative writing syllabus listening and encouraging others to add their voices to the conversation.

I also expect criticism to be concrete and specific: anyone responding "Well, creative writing syllabus, I liked it" or "I didn't like this creative writing syllabus will immediately be asked the question: "Why?

When you're critiqued, in turn, please remember to take any negative feedback as being intended to help you -- remember that your fellow students are critiquing your work, not you personally.

Late assignments : Late assignments, or failure to bring required material to class will make it difficult for all students. Therefore, stories or assignments turned in late will be graded one letter grade or more lower. Conferences : I would like the chance to meet with each of you individually and discuss your work, and encourage you to take advantage of that, creative writing syllabus.

Your attitude is an important component of participation. Your attitude should not be confrontational, nor should you put down other students' work or opinions, whether through too-aggressive argument or through use of humor at other students' expense. Like any critical conversation where participants bring different experiences to their understanding of the issues, ours will undoubtedly generate strong emotions, reactions, questions, affirmations, creative writing syllabus, and disagreements.

Healthy dialogue requires careful listening, respect for other people's perspectives, and a willingness to examine our own assumptions. We must feel free to disagree--but disagreement needn't imply dismissal of other perspectives.

I encourage you to keep an open and inquisitive mind, and realize that intellectual discomfort is not always a negative thing. Our goal is not agreement, but understanding. Understanding is a process that creative writing syllabus first require some unlearning of old habits and ways of seeing the world. Do not text during class.

You will be considered absent for the class creative writing syllabus I see you checking your messages or texting on your phone during a lecture or during the workshops. During workshops, I expect laptops to be closed -- you should have your written critique to look at, and there should be no reason to be on your computer.

General Comment: Please do not bring in work that you have published or written in the past. Our focus is on new work and making it the best it can be. Structure: The structure of each class will no doubt vary, but most classes will consist of:. Class requirements: We will very quickly be scheduling pieces for the workshops. For the workshops, you will be submitting the current draft of a short story or essay, with a copy required for each of the students in the class, creative writing syllabus.

The essays will be one to four pages; the short fiction will be a minimum of five and a maximum of fifteen pages of single-spaced work. You will need to bring in enough copies of your work on the assigned day so that everyone has their own copy. You will hand these out to the class; your work will then be discussed at the workshop the following week after everyone has had the opportunity to read and critique it. Your critique of a student's work should consist of marginalia on the actual manuscript and one printed, not handwritten double-spaced page of summary notes and critique approx.

This summary critique should be two-three paragraphs with your general, creative writing syllabus, overall comments on what made the piece work and whywhere it didn't work as well for you and whyalong with any suggestions you might have on revising the work. Because of the structure of the workshop, creative writing syllabus, where everyone will not necessarily be required to speak, you will need to give me, on the night of the workshop, a hard copy of your critique for each manuscript that night, so that I can see your thought processes and read your critique, creative writing syllabus.

Your one-page summary critique to the student must be typed or printed! Allow time for you to organize and type up your thoughts! My expectation is that every student will have at least two workshop sessions during the course of the semester. Some may get more. We'll hand out the initial sign-up sheet the second day of class; you'll receive a copy of the schedule the third week, and it will also be posted on the class Web site.

You are responsible for making certain that you have your manuscripts to be passed out on the correct evening, and that you're present in class the night of your critique -- we will not workshop your work if you're absent!

You will also have short exercise pieces which will be assigned. These may be individual or group projects, and most if not all will be done in-class. You will include these in your final portfolio see below. Be here, participate, have a great attitude, do the required work to the best of your ability, and you won't need to worry.

The student must be able to give me a reasonable expectation that the work will be completed within the following semester. Formatting your work: For your final revised fiction and creative non-fiction in the portfolio, you will use the proper format for submission creative writing syllabus a manuscript to publishers.

Don't worry, creative writing syllabus, we'll go over that in great detail Since the spacing and line usage of poetry is important, you may submit your poems in any format, creative writing syllabus. However, please use a 12 point plain typeface such as Times for your poetry -- good poetry is not dependent on fancy fonts for effect.


Creative Writing Syllabus - Creative Writing Lesson Plans for Fiction


creative writing syllabus


Creative Writing Syllabus & Rubric (PDF for viewing) Creative Writing Syllabus & Rubric (PDF for printing) This is the syllabus I was never given in my university course. After meditating on my own slow and sporadic epiphanies on the subject of writing, I created this giant list of skills and criteria to get a better sense of. Adham Mahmoud Intro to Creative Writing Tues & Thurs pm – pm Intro to Creative Writing Syllabus “Poetry, I feel, is a tyrannical vanganthsq.cf've got . Welcome to ENG Intro to Creative Writing! Course Description. Creative writing, emphasis on composing creative nonfiction, fiction, and poetry. In other words, we will study the main genres of creative writing to prepare you for upper level creative writing courses in fiction, creative .