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This detailed step by girl outline tutorial explains how to draw a girl in the anime style wearing a school or college uniform in three quarter view. It covers everything going from the basic structure of the body to a colored and shaded detailed drawing. The most important step in drawing girl outline body is to first get the correct proportions. When drawing anime the proportions can be slightly different than for real bodies but similar principals still apply.

A good way to measure the body is by using the head. A normal body with the girl outline included can be about as tall as heads. In anime the heads tend to be drawn bigger than in reality so for this tutorial we will use 6.

Start the initial proportions sketch by drawing the head and working your way down to the rest of the body, girl outline. A common way to indicate the joints is to draw circles. The distance form the body to the bottom of the legs is about the same as the height of the head and the body combined, girl outline. The arms are slightly longer than the body keep in mind that the arms in this example are being held up slightly. Also be aware that the far side of the body especially the arm will be smaller than the girl outline closer to the viewer due to perspective.

Girl outline blue lines in the above example are the guidelines intended to help you draw. As already mentioned the circles help indicate joints and also act as dividers to help space out girl outline various parts of the body, girl outline. The oval draw into the head helps draw the shape of the top of the head. If you only draw half you may find that it does not look right when you girl outline the second half. The middle line is used to help with the perspective girl outline in three quarter view the farther away side will be a little narrower then the closer side Girl outline other line helps determine where the front of the body ends and the side begins, girl outline.

Basically you want to draw the initial shape of the body as a sort of block with sharp corners. There are already plenty of facial feature drawing tutorials on the site so girl outline will not go into the details of drawing faces in the anime style, girl outline. You can ignore this small size variation unless you are drawing a very large close-up of the face, girl outline. For this particular hairstyle draw the hair following the outline of the top of the head and lightly curving in different directions as it hangs down.

Generally when drawing anime hair you will want to draw it in sort of clumps. Try and vary these in size and direction they point in for a more natural look.

It can also be very helpful to think of hair as split into the front, sides, and back portions especially for this or similar styles, girl outline. Drawing the clothes is in a way a little similar to girl outline the hair. As they will somewhat follow the outline of the body. For this particular shirt draw the sleeves fairly loose and draw the collar hugging the neck as it will be held closer to the neck by the ribbon.

Draw the sweater vest hugging the body fairly closely at the top and a little farther towards the bottom where it will sag. When drawing the ribbon once again be aware that the far side will be smaller due to perspective.

The school uniform skirts in anime often have sharp folds in them that curve around the body, girl outline. Overall the skirt is sort of a cone like shape with the top cut off. For tight long socks they will basically exactly hug the shape of the legs. Keep in mind that the top part of the socks will be curved as the legs have a cylinder like shape that is below the eye level again you can see the perspective tutorial mentioned earlier if you need further explanation, girl outline.

Draw the smaller details of the face and the clothes. When this step is done you should a finished outline girl outline of an anime girl wearing a school uniform.

Draw some folds in the clothes. Most of these will be closer to the bottom where the clothes start to sag as well as ares like the armpits where there is some pressure being applied to the fabric.

Draw some girl outline to give a hint of the edges of girl outline skirt. These will only really be visible on the left side of the drawing as eventually the folds will twist towards the right so that the other side of the fold will not be visible. For the socks draw some lines going along the shape of the leg to indicate the patter of the socks, girl outline. Draw these very lightly, girl outline.

Keep in mind that the legs are round so the distance between these lines should be greater towards the middle area of the leg that faces the viewer and less with each stripe after that as they curve more and more along the leg. For the shoes you can simply add the smaller details of their design to make them look more interesting. The first step of girl outline an anime character is not complicated, girl outline, simply shade in each area with the appropriate color.

Cel shading means shading a drawing in a way where there are no gradients. In order to make the shading more believable we will first consider our light source.

In this case it will be on girl outline top left of the drawing. This girl outline that the shadows will be on the bottom right. The major shadows will be on the neck, girl outline, below the chest and below the skirt as well as on the right side of every part of the body.

On the face the main shadows will be cast by the hair, nose and bottom lip, girl outline. There will also be some shadow on the eyelids.

The head will cast a large shadow on the neck as well. For the hair the shaded area will be the inner back part of the hair. You can also add some highlights in the hair to give it a more shiny look.

For the torso area as already mentioned the major shadow will be below the chest, girl outline. There will also be smaller shadow around the folds as well as a shadow on the bottom right of the vest as it is facing away from the light source.

For the skirt the shadows will be inside the fold areas, girl outline. However once the folds turn more towards the right side of the drawing the shadows will become less visible. The socks and shoes will really only have shadows along the right side same as the body. You will want to add some girl outline in the shoes though girl outline give them a shiny appears, girl outline.

There is a lot covered in this tutorial and may be a little bit difficult to take in. You can simply practice drawing different parts of the tutorial separately to make it a little easier. Skip to content.


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girl outline


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